Biblical Hebrew Language Certificate

Biblical Hebrew Language Certificate


Read the Bible Jesus read!

Equip yourself for competence in using the Old Testament original language in a number of ministry-related fields. By completing this certificate, you will be able to apply biblical Hebrew to your life and ministry.


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3 courses


No live class times to attend.

Course Cost

per course

Logos Bible Software is included FREE. 

Rates are for the 2022-2023 academic year.
A standard $50 online fee will be applied to each course.
Total cost per course is due upon enrollment in course.
Logos Bible Software is included at no cost to you.



Program Objectives

  • Read entire chapters from the Hebrew text
  • Develop your translation and exegetical skills of biblical Hebrew
  • Confidently use Hebrew in ministry and in your own faith journey

Certificate Courses

Elements of Hebrew I [OT502]

This course examines the phonology, morphology, vocabulary, and syntax of biblical Hebrew. Selected verses from the Hebrew Bible are translated and analyzed.

Elements of Hebrew II [OT503]

In this continuation of OT502, increasing emphasis is placed on syntax and the translation of extended texts. Prerequisite: OT502.

Hebrew Exegesis [OT600]

This course develops a method of exegesis which enriches one’s exposition of the Old Testament. Text critical, contextual, lexical, syntactical and rhetorical issues will be explored. Prerequisite: OT503.


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Do I need to have an undergraduate degree to earn a biblical language certificate?

No, a degree is not required. 

How long does it take to earn a biblical language certificate?

Your certificate can be earned in as few as three semesters.

Do the courses need to be taken sequentially?

Yes. Since each course builds upon the previous course, they need to be taken in the prescribed order.

What are the requirements for earning the certificate?

You must have a “B” average at the completion of the required courses to earn the certificate. If you do not have a “B” average, you may choose which course to repeat to increase your average to meet this requirement.

Is the certificate program eligible for financial aid?

Since the cost of the course is already so low, no other financial aid is available. 

What is the competitive advantage of these certificates?

When you earn your certificate, you will be able to read entire chapters of biblical text in its original language. This is a low-cost and high-impact option for you and anyone who wants to go deeper in studying God’s Word.

Can I earn credit for these courses and apply them to a degree?

While this certificate is a non-credit program, there is an option to get credit for your work and apply it to your degree. Please connect with an admissions counselor to get all the details:

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