Intercultural Studies Certificate

Intercultural Studies Certificate


Expand your ministry to other cultures.

Gain a foundation for some of the world’s diverse cultures and God’s presence within them. Grow in your cultural intelligence (CQ) as well as your ability to adapt and contextualize your ministry to a variety of diverse settings.


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3 courses


No live class times to attend.

Course Cost

per course

Logos Bible Software is included FREE. 

Rates are for the 2022-2023 academic year.
A standard $50 online fee will be applied to each course.
Total cost per course is due upon enrollment in course.
Logos Bible Software is included at no cost to you.

Intercultural Studies Certificate


Program Objectives

  • Appreciate fundamental differences between cultures.
  • Articulate the core story of the Gospel in a variety of cultural settings.
  • Contextualize your ministry to a variety of diverse settings.
  • Articulate the timeless and global mission of God’s people.

Certificate Courses

Choose 3 from the following courses:

Cultural Anthropology [MI315]

This course is a study of culture, customs, moral codes, social institutions, languages, arts, religions and industries of world’s people in order to give the student a better understanding of the social science of Anthropology along with skills and abilities to reach the people with whom he/she will labor.

Cross-Cultural Communication [MI302]

A study on the nature of intercultural communication in verbal, non-verbal, and written forms.

Missional Theology [MI401]

A study of reaching people and building the local church both stateside and cross-culturally is considered. This will start with the need to plant churches and that which is necessary to have a developing/expanding church. Biblical principles, theories, methods, and philosophies is discussed along with the giving of real-life illustrations. The intent of the course is to be extremely practical so that the student will be prepared to start a church.

Global Apprenticeship Program [MI480] - may be substituted for one of the above

This course is structured to help the student integrate the classroom material into the practical, ongoing ministries of global missions. The six-week period apprenticeship of continuing educational experiences will take place on a ministry location under the mentoring supervision of an experienced missionary. This apprenticeship is required for each Intercultural Studies major after the completion of their junior year. Appointment to a MAP practicum ministry location will be decided upon by the student, the professor and the student’s home church.

This course may be substituted for any of the other courses (MI302, MI315, MI401). MI480 is a spring break trip which may required the raising of funds to cover the cost of the trip.


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How long will it take to complete this certificate?

You can do courses at your own pace. However, this certificate will take a minimum of 1.5 years due to course scheduling. 

  • MI315 – offered online in spring semesters of odd-numbered years
  • MI302 – offered online in fall semesters of odd-numbered years
  • MI401 – offered online in spring semester of even-numbered years
  • MI480 – offered each spring semester 
Is the certificate program eligible for financial aid?


What are the requirements for earning the certificate?

You must have a “C” average at the completion of the required courses to earn the certificate. If you do not have a “C” average, you may choose which course to repeat to increase your average to meet this requirement.

Can I earn credit for these courses and apply them to a degree?

While this certificate is a non-credit program, there is an option to get credit for your work and apply it to your degree. Please connect with an admissions counselor to get all the details:

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