Ministry Leadership Certificate

Ministry Leadership Certificate


Focus on your growth as a leader.

Equip yourself, as a leader, to take on the wide variety of challenges and opportunities that leadership provides. You will be led through four foundational leadership courses that will help them explore and reflect on the many dimensions of Christian leadership.


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3 courses


No live class times to attend.

Course Cost

per course

Logos Bible Software is included FREE. 

Rates are for the 2022-2023 academic year.
A standard $50 online fee will be applied to each course.
Total cost per course is due upon enrollment in course.
Logos Bible Software is included at no cost to you.



Program Objectives

  • Lead through the lens of Scripture
  • Nurture biblically-informed self-leadership skills, including care for your spiritual growth

Certificate Courses

Choose 3 from the following courses:

The Family Life of the Ministry Leader [EM412]

This course teaches that a ministry leader must first exercise that leadership at home. This course is designed to lead students in a consideration of biblical principles concerning the family, especially as it relates to God’s expectations for the ministry leader. Students will be helped in formulating approaches for carrying out their own responsibilities and for helping others understand and pursue godly relationships in their homes.

Foundations of Ministry Leadership [EM413]

This course teaches that there is a great deal of profitable theory related to leadership. Leading a group of God’s people toward the accomplishment of the mission He has given them requires a clear understanding of principles of spiritual leadership. This course will take students into an exploration of the practicalities of administration and management surrounded by and built on the foundation of an understanding of biblical servant/shepherd leadership.

Personal Life of the Ministry Leader [PA311]

This course is based on the fact that those who would be ministry leaders within the church of Jesus Christ are called upon to be examples of the believers in all aspects of life. This course is intended to help students explore God’s expectations for leaders in relation to personal discipline, integrity, relationships, and financial prudence. Students will be given the opportunity to evaluate themselves and to develop a plan for personal character development.

Dynamics of Discipleship [PS310]

As Christians, we are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ, followers in His way, participants in His mission in the world. Ministry leadership, in all of its variances, is about helping people become such followers of Jesus Christ. This course will focus on facilitating discovery of what it means to lead people toward their process of aggressive growth. To do so, we will explore what it means to be a disciple and we can help people grow to be more like Jesus. PS100 prerequisite is waived.


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How long will it take to complete this certificate?

You may do them at your own pace! They may be completed in as little as one semester, but you may take as long as you need to complete them. You may choose from the list of courses, but you may have to wait to take a specific course depending on scheduling.

Is the certificate program eligible for financial aid?


What are the requirements for earning the certificate?

You must have a “C” average at the completion of the required courses to earn the certificate. If you do not have a “C” average, you may choose which course to repeat to increase your average to meet this requirement.

Can I earn credit for these courses and apply them to a degree?

While this certificate is a non-credit program, there is an option to get credit for your work and apply it to your degree. Please connect with an admissions counselor to get all the details:

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