Old Testament Studies Certificate

Old Testament Studies Certificate


Expand Your Knowledge of Jewish History

Equip yourself with a deeper understanding of the Bible and how to systematically approach the Bible study process. This certificate program prepares learners to use the Old Testament in various ministry roles.


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3 courses


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Rates are for the 2022-2023 academic year.
A standard $50 online fee will be applied to each course.
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Program Objectives

  • Identify major purposes of the Old Testament
  • Summarize the essential historical background information and genres of Old Testament literature
  • Apply basic hermeneutical principles to the Bible study process
  • Apply select Old Testament books to your life and to your ministry contexts

Certificate Courses

Choose 3 from the following courses:

Deuteronomy [BI305]

This course will study the Old Testament Pentateuch book, Deuteronomy. Authorship, date, historical context, content, and theme of the book will be analyzed.

Studies in the Psalms [BI332]

This course is a survey of the formation and organization of the book of Psalms, the nature of Old Testament poetry and application of sound principles for studying the book. Selected psalms are used to illustrate the various kinds of psalms and the doctrinal and devotional values of the Psalms.

Genesis [BI340]

This course examines the historical, theological, and prophetical themes of Genesis, matters relating to the origins of the human race and of Israel, a section–by–section exposition, including close analysis of selected passages and themes, and application of principles to contemporary life.

Isaiah [BI342]

This course is a study of the nature and function of Old Testament prophecy, the historical setting of the book, special introductory problems, and a survey of the entire book. Detailed study is given to selected passages in Isaiah.

Proverbs [BI343]

This course is designed to help the student study, understand, apply, and communicate the book of Proverbs. The course will focus on the unique interpretation issues of Proverbs and the concept of “wisdom” as presented in the book. The course will also include a “Spiritual Formation” element, with the intention of helping the student understand the need for spiritual wisdom and how to live in that wisdom.

Kings and Chronicles [BI344]

This course surveys the major movements of the records of the kings of the United and Divided Kingdoms of Israel in the context of historical, geographical, and contextual settings, together with personal applications for today.

Jeremiah [BI347]

This course is an exposition of the historical, theological, and prophetic themes of this major prophet with emphasis on the eschatological application particularly the New Covenant.

Post-Exilic Prophets [BI353]

This course is an analytical, historical, and theological book study of Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. Their relations to Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther along with the intertestamental period and the New Testament will be emphasized.

Pre-Exilic Prophets [BI443]

This course is a study of Divine origin and functions of the Old Testament prophets. There is careful analysis of selected Pre-Exilic Prophets; reconstruction of the religious and political conditions of the times in which the prophets ministered.


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How long will it take to complete this certificate?

You may do them at your own pace! They may be completed in as little as one semester, but you may take as long as you need to complete them. You may choose from the list of courses, but you may have to wait to take a specific course depending on scheduling.

Is the certificate program eligible for financial aid?


What are the requirements for earning the certificate?

You must have a “C” average at the completion of the required courses to earn the certificate. If you do not have a “C” average, you may choose which course to repeat to increase your average to meet this requirement.

Can I earn credit for these courses and apply them to a degree?

While this certificate is a non-credit program, there is an option to get credit for your work and apply it to your degree. Please connect with an admissions counselor to get all the details: admissions@ClarksSummitU.edu.

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