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Clarks Summit University‘s Center for Lifelong Learning provides practical, quick, attainable online learning for ministry, career and personal life.


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At Clarks Summit University, we are dedicated to developing you for success in career and ministry. Our certificates are specifically designed to give you exactly what you need to become what God has called you to be.

Center for Lifelong Learning.

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Microcourses are short, video based online courses for adult learners who want to gain more training in their current area of focus or reskill and broaden their knowledge. Complete each non-credit course by watching the video series whenever you wish over a 60-day period.

  • Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations

    $150.00 This course offers an introduction to fundraising for nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on the fundamental issues.Add to cart
  • Social Media for Nonprofits

    $79.00 This course introduces learners to the use of social media in communicating, marketing, public relations, and fundraising for nonprofits.Add to cart
  • Introduction to Nonprofit Management

    $99.00 Before delving into the details of nonprofit management, this course serves as a critical introduction to the fundamentals of nonprofit organizations.Add to cart
  • Introduction to Grant Writing

    $150.00 This introductory-level course offers a guide to the basics of grant writing. The course explores the relationship between grant writing and an organization's strategy for fundraising.Add to cart
  • Capital Campaigns

    $79.00 You will learn about the phases of conducting a capital campaign (evaluation, feasibility study, organization, solicitation, and post-campaign activities) as well as how to avoid common pitfalls in capital campaigns.Add to cart
  • Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations

    $79.00 Nonprofit managers are critical to successfully implementing strategy since they are responsible for carrying out the actions that will support it.Add to cart

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You can advance your career and ministry and reach higher through a Clarks Summit University microcourse or certificate at the Center for Lifelong Learning.

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